Impact Canopy Reviews – 10 x 10 Pop Up Canopy Tent

Impact Canopy Reviews

The Impact Pop-Up Canopy Tent is a superb portable outdoor shelter that is easy to set up and move around. We carried the tent materials in a very handy roller bag which comes with the canopy tent. The tent weighs around 36 pounds, which means it is light enough to carry and set up on your own. The tent is 10×10, but it can fold down to half its height.

Setting up the tent was surprisingly easy as well. We did not have to use any tools at all, as stated by the manufacturer, and it utilizes a special pinch-proof lock slider technology which is much simpler than messing with nails or screws. It took us just a matter of minutes to set it up.

First, we had to place the canopy over the frame of the tent, which did not require any other set-up. Then, after we had secured the canopy with Velcro straps, we gently pulled on the frame until it had come to its full size of 10×10, and then locked the legs into place with the lock-sliders.

In just a matter of a few pulls and straps, the tent was set up and we could hardly believe our eyes at how simple and easy it had been. Without having to fiddle with different poles and screws, even a single person could easily have this tent up in a matter of minutes. We’ve included the setup instruction in the video below to get a visual picture of the whole setup.

Impact Canopy Reviews – The Variations

Impact Canopy 10 x 10
Impact Canopy 10 x 10
Impact Canopy 10x20
Impact Canopy 10 x 20
Space10*10 ft.10*20 ft.
ColorsMore than 5 colors availableWhite
Weight36 lbs73 lbs
Warranty6 Months Limited 1 Year Limited
Water ResistantYesYes
Material Type Steel & Polyester Fabric
Steel & Polyester Fabric
TypeCommercial, Home useCommercial, Party and Home use
Amazon PriceAmazon Price

Impact Canopy Tent Features

The Impact Canopy Tent has several features that add to its simplicity but extremely useful appeal. There are many features that you can read about in this Impact Canopy review, to know more information from the manufacturer, check out the details on Amazon.


The fabric is 210-denier water resistant, as well as UV coated. You can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about rain or humid conditions. No water will seep inside the canopy and the UV coating aids greatly in protection from the sun. It is also fire resistant, so you need not worry about it getting too hot or catching fire easily. If you love to cook inside the canopy you can go ahead without the fear of fire accidents.

If you need more shelter or to create more private space with your tent you can buy sidewalls. They are sold separately on Amazon in a set of two or just as a single piece. These side pieces are made of the same material as the canopy. . They come in at between $60 and $90.


The frame of the Impact Canopy tent is very durable and come with strong legs. The legs are made of heavy steel, along with the rest of the frame. The legs and frame can withstand harsh weather, but you can even buy leg weights if needed.

The frame and the canopy all together weigh just 36 pounds. Not only is that a very reasonable weight, but it is also light enough to carry. Especially when all wrapped up, it can easily fit in the trunk of your car.


This Impact Canopy Pop-Up Tent comes in a variety of 6 different colors. You can get simple colors like black or white. Other fun colors like red and blue can be bought too. For a party or fun event, we recommend getting a cheery color like red to help you get in the party spirit.


Impact Canopy Setup

The main positive feature of this tent is how easy it is to put it up. It can be done by a single person within minutes. Two people working together for an even shorter yield time.

Other tents take hours to set up because of all the parts. This tent has no extra pieces. There is a reason why it is marketed as an instant pop-up. There is no assembling needed. Everything is already screwed in and all you have to do is pop it up.

Place the canopy over the frame, pull, and stretch out the frame. Then slide the thumb locks into place and it’s done. You can even make it taller or shorter by stepping down on the footpads. Pull or push the legs until you are satisfied with the height.

Impact Canopy Reviews

When you are finished with the tent, you simply take the cover off. Then unlock the thumb locks, and then fold the frame down. Once it is folded up, stash it in the handy-dandy roller bag.


The Impact Canopy Pop-Up tent has an area of 100ft. We found it a comfortable amount of space where you can fit a number of things underneath. One large picnic table or two smaller tables could fit easily. Chairs around the table would still be in the shade of the canopy.

The top of the canopy reaches 12ft. This allows for a great headspace where you can stand up and not worry about toppling the canopy over due to your height. Many other rival tents and pop-up shelters are large but short, making it difficult for people to fit inside.


• It is small enough to fit comfortably anywhere.
• Really easy to set up, can be done within minutes.
• UV protected material to keep the sun from burning or beating down on you.
• 10×10 allows for a decent amount of space to fit up to 8 people.
• Strong frame made out of steel can hold up against wind and rain.
• Waterproof canopy makes it an ideal shelter from the rain.


• Comes only with the canopy, side pieces you will have to buy.
• Folds down to 5×9, which may be large for some people.
• Maybe too small to fit a large number of people or a large picnic table.


For us, the Impact Canopy 10×10 is a good canopy tent. We’re sure you also have some of your own thoughts now after reading the review. There are so many reasons why the Impact Canopy Tent was the best tent for us and maybe, it is for you as well.

The tent is made out of extremely strong materials. It is incredibly easy to set up. It provides the ideal shelter for any kind of outdoor party or gathering. The canopy provides water resistance and a very shady cover.

It is also quite affordable and very compact. You can fold it up and fit it in a handy-dandy roller bag in a matter of minutes. People who have bought the tent largely praises the ability to both set-ups and take it down quickly, and then fit it compactly into the roller bag.

Compared to other pop-up tents that you have to use tools on or do not fit with the landscape, buyers say this tent is truly one of the best.

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  • Simple set-up within minutes.
  • Protection from natural elements like sun and rain.
  • Can be folded compactly and transported in a roller bag.
  • Comes in a variety of fun colors perfect for any outdoor event.
  • Strong frame and legs made out of steel that can withstand wind.

With that we conclude our Impact canopy reviews. We would appreciate your feedback in the comment below. We would like to have engagement and feel free to ask questions.

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