EZ Up Canopy Tent Review – Is It Worth Buying?

EZ Up Canopy Tent Review

Whether you’re looking for protection from the UV rays and rain, or you want to make sure that your brand stands out, a pop-up canopy tent can do that and much more! But, before buying the canopy tent you have to ask one important question which we believe will help you find the perfect canopy tent.

The Purpose or Identify Your Needs. What is the main purpose of buying this canopy tent? Will this tent be used for personal or business use? Do you want it for trade or art shows, farmers’ markets, fundraising, etc or will it be used for vacations and beach day? The answer to these questions will lead to the type of canopy tent you want, the materials used in it, and the size of it.

EZ Up Canopy Tent Review: Let’s hit the nail on the head; if you’re looking for a commercial-grade heavy-duty canopy tent for art shows, farmers market, or any kind of stores, this canopy tent is not for you. EZ Up Instant canopy shelter is a perfect solution for picnics, relaxing on the beach, backyards, and parties, etc.. You can check the latest price on Amazon here

NOTE: If you’re looking for a commercial-grade canopy, you may consider Eurmax Canopy. You can also check out the in-depth review of Eurmax canopy here.

EZ Up brand is very popular and has produced high-quality instant shelters for nearly 30 years. The EZ Up canopy is an offbeat slant-legged pop-up canopy tent with a unique fabric on the top that allows it to flex in the wind. This makes it ideal for beach shade and vacations. Moreover, E-Z Up is one of the cheapest canopy tents in the market without sacrificing the quality of the materials used. 

There are mainly six things you need to look at before buying any canopy tent.

  1. Material quality
    1. Frame Quality
    2. Fabric Quality
  2. Portability
  3. Wind Resistance
  4. Water Resistance
  5. Setup
  6. Cost of the canopy

Frame Quality

E-z tent review

There are two types of frame materials. An aluminum frame and steel frame. The aluminum frame is light in weight and rust-resistant. If you would like to use the canopy for beach purposes, for example, you may go with the aluminum frame since it is easy to carry and it will prevent the saltwater rust.

On the other hand, the steel frame is strong, sturdy, and heavy. These kinds of frames are very stable and withstand harsh weather. E-Z Up Steel frames are powder coated to prevent rust. But a steel frame is hard to carry since the weight is heavier than the aluminum-based frames. However, it is more suitable for the business purpose where you want the sturdiness and withstanding harsh weather. 

E-Z Up tent comes with an aluminum frame and steel frame. Make sure to choose the frame material according to your requirement. 

We found both kinds of E-Z Up frames are not solid enough to withstand harsh wind and rain. In their user manual, they have mentioned not to use this canopy tent in harsh weather since it can damage the frame material and fabric material. Moreover, it can also cause injuries to the people who are closeby to the canopy tent. This again reinforces that this is not suitable for your business purpose.

Fabric Material

EZ Up Canopy Tent Review

Canopies come with two main kinds of fabric material. The polyester fabric is lightweight which makes the canopy tent easily portable. Vinyl fabric is hard and weighs little more than polyester and withstands wear and tear. E-Z Up canopy top fabric is a recreational polyester top with silver UV coating.

These days most of the canopy fabric material is UV resistant, waterproof, and fire retardant. E-Z Up canopy fabric material meets the CPAI-84 and NFPA-701 fire resistant requirements and also protect you from 99% UV rays.

NOTE: Even though the E-Z Up canopy tent meets the flammability requirements of CPAI-84 make sure to keep the tent away from flames. The fabric may burn if left in continuous contact with any flame source. 


Ez Up Portability

Lightweight (only 35 lbs) is the main attraction of the E-Z up canopy tent. It is ideal for a backyard party, summer picnic, beach day and so much more. To add more to the portability the wide-axle roller bag which comes along with the canopy tent is made of hard plastic that can handle sophisticated terrain. This portability feature is the main highlight of this canopy tent which makes it a preferred option for many customers.

Wind Resistance

Beaches are known for the wind. Like the beach umbrellas, you don’t want your canopy to fly away when the wind picks up. We’ve even heard of stories like the canopy frames are broken into pieces due to the wind. When it comes to wind resistance E-Z Up canopy is the right choice to replace your beach umbrella for sure. E-Z up has an unconventional way to manage the wind. Where many other canopy brands focus on sturdiness E-Z Up used carbon rods to allow the roof to flex in the wind. With the combination of sandbags, it provides very good wind resistance. Moreover, the wind vented peak on the roof guides the wind through it, rather than turning the roof into a parachute.

Water Resistance

E-Z Up uses recreational grade polyester top fabric. The nature of polyester is to resist water. If the rain is hard enough it will build to a saturation point of water seeping inside the canopy tent. In the E-Z Up disclaimer, they have mentioned  “the canopy is water-resistant but should not be used in prolonged rainy conditions. Wind and rain can cause damage to the E-Z Up canopy tent.” However, you may use it in light rain conditions.


E-Z Up canopy tent setup can be done in 3 easy steps.

Cost of the canopy

Is it a budget canopy? really it is. Comparing its rivals the cost of this canopy tent is very less. You can check the latest price on Amazon here. At this price point, we feel this canopy tent is the best choice for parties, backyards, beaches, and your next vacation.

The Verdict

The frame is light which makes it easy to port anywhere. The fabric material is good for the usual weather (protects you from UV rays and it is flame resistant). The air vent on the roof and the unconventional approach to handling wind with a flexible top is something unique. The combination of wind-resistance and portability makes E-Z Up canopy the best for the beach, backyard parties, and vacations. If you feel this is the canopy tent for you then you can check this out.

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