Core Canopy Reviews – 10’ x 10’ Instant Shelter

Core Canopy Reviews

Our first impression: This canopy is solidly built. The materials seem to be great quality both with the canopy and the metal frame. This core canopy is really big 100 square meter.

There are so many canopies in the market and sadly most of it is vulnerable. Obviously, all of us want the canopy that will last. CORE seems to make a top-notch product and we hoped they don’t disappoint. Well, they aren’t. This is a wonderful canopy tent.

Setup is definitely a TWO PERSON JOB and so far we’ve only got it done in as quick as 12 minutes (not the 2 minutes as advertised). Who cares that extra little effort if the canopy works and works WELL.

Lets have a closer look of this canopy.

Core Canopy Reviews

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Core Canopy Reviews – A Closer Look

Set up

Core canopy review

This canopy frame has large pinch-free buttons that help you avoid injuries. It is marketed as two minutes setup. However, it took more than 10 minutes for the setup. And it definitely takes more than one person. If you want to do it all alone, take at least 20  minutes in consideration to set it up neatly. Since the legs are straight, it gives 100 sq. Ft of shade without any compromise. Setup is not as easy as it is marketed. It takes time and effort. But we feel it is worth since the canopy tent is working fine.

Weight and portability

It weighs 43lbs and is easy to carry around with the help of wheeled carry bag, which is included in the set.

Frame and structure

The frame is made of a durable steel frame and comes in one piece. Also, you can adjust the height of this frame as it comes in three height settings. The truss is simple and is good enough to hold the frame together. It is an uncomplicated frame, which makes it easier for setting it up and pulling it down afterward.

Fabric and material

Core canopyThe fabric is made from water-resistant material and is tightly woven at the seams. But there is a difference in being water resistant and being waterproof. It will not stand fine during rain and has some probability of collapsing with the weight of water on the top. It can resist some water but not a downpour. Also, it wouldn’t do well during heavy winds.

The fabric is made from 150 D polyester and meets CPAI-84 requirement of being fire resistant. It also blocks 97% of the sunrays and gives 50+UV protection. It also has two air-vents built on the roof to provide better air circulation. The best time to use this tent would be during summers when you want shade and protection from the sun and heat.

Peak height and shade

The peak height of this canopy is 112 inches. This tent provides 100 square feet of shade as it has straight legs. Straight-leg canopy helps in retaining the shade it promises unlike in other canopies where it promises to be 10’ x 10’ but gives 8’ x 8’ shade. You won’t find the same problem here. You can safely invite 8 people in this canopy and still have some room.

Things included

Wheeled Carry Bag

This set also includes ground stake and tie downs, which makes it easier to set up the canopy. You also get a wheeled carry bag along with it. The wheeled bag is strong enough and keeps the canopy free from dust and water. The wheels are good that you can run them on any surface.


The current price for this canopy is around $130. You can check the exact price of this core canopy at Amazon here. You can find the price going lower or higher on other e-commerce portal but we find this price to be the reasonable enough. And at this price range we feel this canopy is worth every penny you pay.

Ratings and opinions

After reading through various core canopy reviews and with some serious testing, we would rate it 4/5 stars. People have also given a similar verdict online on this product. This tent works best for tropical areas or during summers where you need maximum protection from the sun and would want to invite at least eight people. This is the best for a tent for tailgating, camping, music festivals, fairs, farmer’s market etc. This is also easy to set up and is budget friendly. You can definitely go for it.

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