Best Screen House for Picnic Table – Our Top 5 Picks

Best Screen House for Picnic Table

These best screen houses will secure your picnic table and also the money you invest in it. How do we know it for sure? Because we have tried it out first before giving a verdict.

Wouldn’t it be annoying to not know if you are investing in the right thing or not? If we buy something thinking they will last longer and they snap the minute you use it, that is one heartbreaking scene you don’t want to play out for yourself, do you?

Now, let us get into our first-hand experience with the best of the best screen house for the picnic table. We could have reviewed and complained about the worst in the lot, but we believe in glorifying the heroes in our troop. Venerating them just comes naturally after experiencing its performance in real-time.

Top 5 Best Screen House for Picnic Table

Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Reviews

Coleman Instant Screenhouse
Clam Quick Set Escape Reviews

Quick-Set Escape Shelter
Gazelle Pop Up Portable 6 Sided Hub Gazebo
Gazelle Pop Up Portable Screen House
CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent
CORE Instant Cabin Tent
Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House
Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House
Space87 FT Floor Space 110 FT Floor Space 92 FT Floor Space 14*9 ft.11*9 ft.
ColorsBrownBrown, Green, or CamouflageDiamond WhiteGreenBlack
Weight45.2 lbs37 lbs34 lbs30.5 lbs17.53 lbs
Fire Retardant compliant in USA & CanadaNot MentionedYesYesNot MentionedNot Mentioned
Water ResistantYesYesYesYesYes
MaterialsMade of durable Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric210 Denier Poly-oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh Screening-Durable 68D Polyester (600mm hydrostatic rating)-
Assembly / Set-Up3 Minutes45 seconds, Ready to use right out of the boxLess 5 Minutes60 secondsLess than 5 minutes
Rain /Wind PanelsWeather panels sold separately. Weather panels sold separately. Built-in roof flaps detour rain water over wind panels. Total Seal. Includes rain fly, tent stakes. Weather panels sold separately.
Carry BagIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

The Best Screen House for Picnic Table – Our Choice

screen tent for picnic table

1. Coleman Instant Screen House

Screen Houses For Picnic Tables

We took our foldable picnic table and two foldable chairs of average size and it didn’t give us any headache to find space and fit in. A 30x24x26 size a small picnic table was good for two of us.


It was fun to frolic around with this compact screen house which inflates up to 15×13 ft. It is neither too big nor too small! It gets exciting when you find your perfect size, be it in clothes or your camping gear. The size of this screen house tilts more on the ideal side than not.

When we say “pack your bags and let’s go for a picnic”, Coleman Instant Screen House takes it to the heart and performs well. It weighs 45.2 lbs and comes with a backpack that you can carry with you anywhere. We guess anytime is picnic time? We thought that too when we picked this up for our review.

Set up

Opening it up and setting it up took us less than a minute. What we might additionally suggest is that do not race with your pals to set it up. Read the instructions carefully before you frantically bet on who will unfurl it first. Telling you that from experience. The Center point of this tent is 7 feet high.


The screens are made of Polyguard 2x double fabric and it does a nice job of keeping you safe from cold harsh winds in winters and scorching heat in summers. So if you want to gorge on your eateries without having a fly buzz over your sandwiches, you can bet on it! It has a zipper door and large windows to fit the purpose of a screen house.


We noticed something more; it doesn’t save us from the rain completely. Thankfully, the day we went out, it didn’t result in a heavy downpour.

One more thing it doesn’t have is a proper floor. So if there is a bug inside, then well, it is inside till you take it out. This is one downfall of this screen house and that is why it is not the best of the best protector from the rain. Make sure the 100 square feet of ground you place this screen on doesn’t have the pestering bugs you wouldn’t like to have otherwise. It comes with a one-year guarantee.

You can read the detailed review of the Coleman Instant Screen House Here

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2. Clam Corporation Quick Set Pavilion

Quick-Set Pavilion

For this, we rented a bigger picnic table from our local camping store. The size of the tent did justice to the size of the table and the number of guests. What a relief! It didn’t feel overcrowded and was gladly under our budget. This is much bigger in size than Coleman’s.


It measures 78x10x10 (LxWxH) when set up completely.

If you are going to invite at least 7-8 people for the picnic party, then you would surely love to invest in this one! Why? Unlike the previous one, this one does have a floor. But we too agree that it could have been better. To get a good feel of how it would be to invite your cousins over for a picnic in the woods, we actually did it and used this screen house.

You might think that being a bigger one would mean it is also heavier. It merely weighs 45 lbs and is easy to carry as well. Screen house manufacturers are really giving each other a tough competition by advancing their products. It is always a tough call to choose your favorites.


It has a full truss structure. The big plus is the floor, the size, and that it is WATERPROOF. So no rain or thunderstorm could stop the joyride we had that day! And also, you can set it up all alone

Set up

Before we indulge in how we merrily sang along to the camp songs, we’d like to tell you how impressed we were with this screen house. It looks fine enough, not very striking, and not very demure. Set up is easy just like the previous one. It will barely take you 2 minutes of your time’s worth. It has 5 hubs and 6 metal stakes and tie-down ropes make it easy to set it up.

Downfall: None

Wind and rain panels are built-in inside so it makes it really flexible for any kind of weather! These panels can be rolled up according to your wish so it makes it oh-so-efficient! We were pretty much impressed with this and we really thought that this is one of the best contenders out there. Could anything beat this one? Maybe we do.

You can also read the detailed review of the Clam Corporation Quick Set Escape Shelter Here

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3. Gazelle Pop Up Portable 6 Sided Screen House

Gazelle Pop Up Portable 6 Sided Hub Gazebo

We took our rented picnic table and placed it inside to see how this fits. We were impressed with the spaciousness of this tent even after placing an 8-seater picnic table. Even after adding two chairs, it still had space to move around.


Though the product description says it can fit in 8 people, we managed to fit in 10. It is 7’2” feet high and is 11’8” wide from hub to hub. We fit in just fine and enjoy without compromising on anything.

It weighs 34 pounds and comes with a portable bag too. And it is pretty compact too. So far, so good!


The roof of this screen house is pretty much strong so it can stand through heavy winds coming your way. Windy days will not hinder your plan, nor would scorch summers or rainfall. This too comes with UV resistant waterproof polyester to make it a winner in our eyes!

Set up

Setting it up is again as easy as the others. Also, it has 6 tie-down ropes and 12 ground stakes that make it pretty easy to set it up singlehandedly.


The only downfall would be the price. But if you enjoy going outdoors quite often, you would love to own it as it is quite durable as well. The walls of it are a bit more see-through than the others so if privacy is your motto, you might not enjoy it much. Rest, this is one fine piece that you should get your hands on.

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4. Core 9 person instant cabin tent- 14’x9’

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This too can accommodate picnic tables of small to medium size. Although, adding chairs can cram up space.


As the name suggests, this instant cabin is meant to take 9 people inside and sleep! It is 14’x9’ long and we were not exactly comfortable to fit in 9 people. You could take 8 people just in case every second person is a little larger in size. It’s center height in 78 inches, which was good enough for us. It can fit 2 air beds as well and has a detachable room divider if you need privacy.

It weighs 35.6 lbs and you get a free carry bag to carry it around. It was not much of a hassle.


The frame is built on telescopic steel and it also comes with twenty 7inch steel stakes. It is completely waterproof and the material is made of 68D polyester. The best thing about these tents is the air vents, which are both at the ground and at the top. So it doesn’t let water or moisture seep in while providing good airflow. With removable rainfly, there was hardly any space for a tent being blown away.


It took us just a minute to set it up. But setting up rainfly and others could take a little more than a minute in total.

Downfall: Hardly anything

This comes too near perfection when searching for a cabin tent. Not only is it good for your picnic trip, but it is also good for a sleepover in the woods. From being waterproof to standing tall during strong winds, it is a good match for a group of at least 8 if not 9. You can take it too if you have a lot of things to keep away from moisture and rain, and it’s just a few of you to camp.

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4. Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

This tent could easily accommodate a 4-seater picnic table. Even after chairs, it still had enough place left. However, it’s not a comfortable choice for bigger picnic tables.


It measures 132x108x112 inches (11ft x 9ft). It is enough to happily keep 4-5 people comfortable in a tent and let them move around. If you have a family or friends numbering four to five in the count, you can take this one and be really happy about your purchase

It weighs 17.53 lbs and is easy to carry around in a duffel bag.


It is made of sturdy steel and has a fiberglass frame design. So you don’t need to worry about this one collapsing. It has large mesh walls for the free flow of air without you having to endure a flying insect in your cup of coffee or food. Also, the USP of this product is the magnetic door that closes itself on its own as you pass through it. It was quite impressive that you don’t need to zip up and zip down the door every time you enter or exit. This makes dramatic exit and entry look more brilliant.

Set up

You only need to throw this on the ground and adjust the height of the tent whilst securing the edges on the ground. You will be done in maximum of two minutes. It is easy and you don’t need to assemble each and everything to stick it up. Having a helping hand would work.


It is not really windproof and waterproof. You can expect these tents to give you a good time in summer and spring but not really on rainy days. Large mesh walls are not waterproof and the tent is prone to be blown away. However, it is an excellent choice for more tropical regions.

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Rearranging winners according to needs

Bigger guest list

pop up screen tent with floor

Fun for a couple under a budget

screen tent with floor

Big party, not so big budget

Camping screen house

How to buy the Best Screen House for Picnic Table

This is one of the questions that pop up in your mind before buying a canopy tent. Which one is the best to invest in? Which one should you refrain from buying and why? Sometimes two items look and feel the same but perform differently.

Some would perform the same but have a different price range. Any consumer will feel confused about what to buy and what not to. Trust us, we all have been there.

And this is why we have come up with a short guide on how you can make it happen without buying into failed products. This is the last thing we want; maybe it is not even on the list. No one wants to buy defected pieces or things that are too out of proportion.

This is why examining your needs is the first thing that you need to look into before you buy anything at all.

Weight to shoulder

The weight of our responsibilities is enough to keep us grounded. If we purchase screens that break our back with its weight, we don’t believe it is worth it. These three choices that we mentioned above make good camping gear. But then, if you would want to go with a different choice than ours, then please keep in mind the weight of the canopy and how easy it is to carry around. The better it is to carry, the easier it gets for you to take it anywhere.

The number of people you want to fit in

Maybe you have a nuclear family, maybe it is just you and your partner, or maybe it is a whole troop! You will have to then go for a bigger size. Keep in mind the number of people you would want to take with you. This will help you in deciding the size of the screen house you would want to buy. Also, make sure it has enough floor and has proper ways of setting it up. Keep in check the material and how it can withstand harsh weather.

Quality and durability

If it does not have UV protection and doesn’t have strong enough material to hold on in rainfall, wind,  then it is not worth it. Keep in mind the type of weather you mostly receive in your area. Some screen houses are better for hot and humid areas and some would provide you with extra protection from other climatic change. Always think about possible weather changes that your area of camping may have. This will make shopping for a screen house easier for you.

Your budget and price

The bigger the screen house, and the better the material, the more it will cost. Sometimes, it does get a little cheaper during festive sales. But we are also not advocating that cheaper price means cheaper quality. You really have to open your eyes as well as mind to keep features your main priority over price. Would you be investing it for a long time or for short time? What are the ways you can finance a better screen house? Should you buy cheaper ones and risk it? We wouldn’t recommend that for sure.

Our final note

In summary of this short guide, we would suggest you pick what suits your requirement. And under that requirement, make sure you take in all the accounts of what makes for the best pick. Here is the review of what we found out to be the best of the lot. You can buy them and make your experience better! Rest, we all make choices. You can choose the best for yourself and we respect your discretion.

We wish you the best time of your life with your loved ones on your picnic and camping trips! We hope that our extensive review of our experience with these best screen houses for the picnic table will enlighten you to make a good choice.

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