The Top 5 Best Canopy Tent Brands

Top Rated Best Canopy Tent Brands

Not all canopy tents are made equal. Each canopy tent is unique and different in respect of the fabric, steel frames, height settings, portability, covering capacity, etc. Generally, the quality of the canopy tent is largely determined by the brand or makers it comes from.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to choose the best canopy tent brand; with so many canopy tent brands competing for your attention, with quality fabrics, rust-resistant steel frames, technology, and varying price points, how is anyone meant to discern the right canopy tent brand for them?

If you’re one who is looking for the perfect canopy tent brand, then this guide will run you through the very best canopy tent brands whether you’re after a budget canopy or something a little bit more ambitious. Whatever you’re after, this is the guide for you.

Best Canopy Tent Brands Of The Year

Brand NameWill The Canopy Fit For Your Need?Check On Amazon
Eurmax CanopyHeavy-Duty, Excellent Material Quality, Suits For All Business Purpose (Highly Recommended)Check Price
Crown ShadesEasy Assembly, Easily Portable, and Good Customer Service. Good for small businesses and vacations.Check Price
ABCCANOPYVery Popular in the canopy world. Good material, very useful for small businesses. Low to Poor customer service. (Budget Pick)Check Price
MASTERCANOPYBoth ABCCANOPY and MASTERCANOPY are very similar and we believe it is operated by the same people.Check Price
E-Z Up CanopyLightweight, Easy Portability, Very good for vacationsCheck Price
Caravan CanopyEasily portable but the quality of the material is substandard. Poor customer service.Check Price

E-Z Up Canopy Tent

E-Z Up Canopy Tent Brand

E-Z Up Canopy is very popular because of its simple setup process. No other canopy tent is easier to install than E-Z up. E-Z Up Canopy is an Instant Shelter; meaning it can be popped up in a few seconds. It is vastly used for camping, sporting events, vacations, at the beach, etc… 

E-Z UP has manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide. Their headquarters is located in Norco, CA which covers 125,000 sq. ft. and several offices in California, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. At present E-Z Up servers more than 100 countries. Which shows its popularity in the world and the kind of trust people have in E-Z Up. Their custom printing is very popular among Fortune 500 companies. 3 out of 5 Fortune 500 companies are their customers.

Well, trust comes with quality and service. Based on the feedback and research we found that it is not great when it comes to quality and service. In fact, they have serious complaints about the quality part and the service part.

  1. Many customers have said that it does not hold up any wind or rain; stating that the canopy tent is broken due to mild wind or rain. The frame material looks flimsy and not sturdy enough to hold the canopy during harsh weather. The fabric material is not good either because they may want to make the canopy tent weight lighter they have reduced the heaviness in both the frame and fabric material. This may be the reason for easy portability and lightweight.
  2. Very poor customer support. Many customers have contacted them for wear and tear and found no responses from them.
  3. Since E-Z Up is manufacturing and functioning in many countries and places they do not seem to have a stronghold on duplicate products. It has been mentioned in their manual and website;

“Manufacturers’ warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors such as the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from.”

So you have to be very careful when you buy it. We have to find the right seller in case you have decided to buy it. Moreover, their warranty is not dependable since they can come up with any reason according to the above statement.

Is it good? Well, brand-wise yes E-Z Up canopy tent is good for a different reason. If you want to set up a quick stall in normal weather, enjoy your vacation, or just want to chill out on a beach on a sunny day then this canopy tent is perfect. Moreover, it is cheap comparatively, can be set up quickly, and it is easily portable (very light in weight). You can buy it on Amazon so you can trust their warranty. You can read the in-depth E-Z Up Canopy Tent Review Here

If you are someone who wants a sturdy long-lasting powerful canopy tent then you need to look for some other brand.



If you’re after a canopy tent you won’t miss this name ABCCANOPY. It is fairly popular on Amazon and one of the top-selling canopy tents on Amazon.

The beauty of ABCCANOPY is they have their own factory which spans around 23,000 square meters. This helps them cut out all the middle chains and have control over the quality of the product. A great thing is you can order custom products (such as custom canopies, table covers, marquees, flags, and parasols) are provided with advanced printing technology and quality. They are taking care of the quality part seriously. Having said that, the quality of the ABCCANOPY is criticized by many experts and their customers. Especially in windy and rainy conditions.

It challenges all its rivals by saying “best price best quality” and if you find cheaper than their offered Best Price, they will beat a lower price by 10% on identical competitors marquee products.

Price-wise yes they are cheaper than their rivals. But quality is questionable. As I said above the product quality has received so many complaints such as

  1. Stitching at velcro tag was defective in many canopies which shows that they are not taking enough care to provide quality canopies for their customers. 
  2. The tent blew over with light wind and mangled the frame completely. And few customers said that after a moderate rain at the night the tent is collapsed. Water built upon the top of the canopy tent and the metal poles bent and broke in half. And this raises the question about the strength and durability of the metal frames.
  3. There are extremely limited (insufficient) instructions. The various parts of the canopy, walls, etc. are not labeled in English. So setting up the canopy was challenging for a few customers. They might have changed it now. I’m not sure about it.
  4. The customer support is very bad. Many customers said that they tried to chat with them, call them, and even emailed them but they are totally unresponsive. Sometimes the customers get a mail-back after two or more days.

Well, where are we? ABCCANOPY is a good brand when it comes to the price tag. Is it good overall? If you’re not going to use this in windy or rainy conditions and just going to use it for sun shade this is good. 

It is UV rays protected and the poles are strong enough to hold a light breeze. You won’t have to face the rust issues as well if you’re not going to use this canopy tent during rainy conditions. All in all, this is a good canopy tent for its price range, giving enough shade and strong enough poles, to hold it during the normal days.

If you’re one who is looking to use the canopy tent all season along you may have to think well before purchasing this. You can read the detailed review of ABCCANOPY here.


MASTERCANOPY Top Rated Canopy Brand

We found both ABCCANOPY and MASTERCANOPY tent have all similar features. The fabric and steel frame quality looks no different as well. And interestingly their mission and vision look the same. Moreover, the factory setup is also located in the same area and around the same square foot. Their webpage looks similar and even the about us page.

By seeing all these things it feels like ABCCANOPY and MASTERCANOPY are operated by the same people. But we have not found any conclusive evidence which supports this hypothesis.

As of now, both the canopy tent looks very similar and the reviews go the same with both the tent. The only difference is the brand name. If you decide to buy ABCCANOPY you can have a look at MASTERCANOPY as well. You can choose the one you like. We will keep updating this blog often so if we find any difference between the products we will update it here.

Eurmax Canopy

The Top 5 Best Canopy Tent Brands

If you’re looking for the best canopy tent brand here is one. Their mission is simple; Provide their customers with Fantastic service, Quality, and Value. Eurmax Canopy has been manufacturing commercial-grade quality canopies for over 15 years. Eurmax is the industry leader in producing commercial grade canopies.  

With their double-stitched all-weather top, to the digitally printed tops, they strive to create the best canopy product in the world! They have sustained this level of success for more than 15 years by using only the best quality materials for producing the canopy tent. 

They have sold tens and thousands of canopy tents to help the business owners to grow their brands effectively and efficiently. They are able to achieve this because of their perspective on how they see the canopy tent. Eurmax believes that the canopy tent is more than a product that provides shade; it is something that shows your quality as a brand. The brand should appeal to your customers. Eurmax helps your brand stand out above the rest of your rivals. This is the primary reason behind their success in the industry.

Eurmax Canopy is located in beautiful Southern California, 15 miles east of Los Angeles in El Monte. They have a giant facility for producing canopy tents and processing every order within 24 hours. There are various colors and sizes you can choose from. You can even go for a customized one.

If you’re someone who haunts for quality this is it. Whether you need a standard canopy for simple pleasure or a customized canopy for your business, Eurmax Canopy has covered it all. Check the in-depth review of Eurmax canopy tent here.

Crown Shades Canopy Tent

Top Rated Canopy Brands

It is a team of two companies; Crown Shades is China’s premiere canopy manufacturer, Outdoor Designz is the California team that tied up with the crown shades to sell the canopy tent in the U.S. You can find the crown shades canopy tent under the banner Outdoor Designz in California.

There are two parts of excellence in this canopy tent. Which we believe is very essential for every canopy brand.

  1. Easiest set up with one push center lock technology – This feature is PATENTED. It has to be because it is so easy to set up a canopy tent with just a push from the center point. To put it in simple terms it is just like an umbrella. You have a central hub in the tent that locks out all four legs, with a single push the canopy tent is up and open. The fabric material is already fitted in the top of the canopy tent which makes you feel like that you’re popping up a bigger size umbrella. And no more messing with the corners.
  2. The customer support is too good, to be honest. Some customers have received a defective product and some had issues with the frames which broke down due to the weather. In both cases, they have replaced the product immediately as soon as they received the complaint from the customers.

Moreover, the fabric material and the frame material look solid to last in harsh weather. The height setting is easy too; it is just like switching on a button after setting up the right height for you.

Quality Product + Quality Service = Happy Customers. They might have got this principle right. This could even beat E-Z Up canopy tent for easy setup. In 90 seconds you can pop up this canopy tent with ease. 

Is it good to buy? Yes, it is. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty canopy tent you may consider Eurmax canopy where the quality of the material (Fabric and Frame) is superior to this canopy tent. But when it comes to setup + quality no brand can beat their technology. It is good to last in harsh weather of course but not as good as Eurmax. But they seem to have their edge over the setup process. If you’re looking for heavy-duty go with Eurmaz Canopy Tent, for normal use you can go with Crown Shades Canopy Tent.

Caravan Canopy Tent

Caravan Canopy Sports Commercial Grade

Caravan Canopy is a leading manufacturer of outdoor and customized merchandise. Caravan Canopy ensures high quality by keeping the entire manufacturing process at its own factory. They have a complete quality control team to monitor the raw material and the full production phase. 

They take care of each step in the process seriously and making sure that each canopy tent meets the standard they have. Their standard is credited by the ISO certification. Moreover, they do a rigorous quality check before shipping the canopy to their vendors and their customers.

According to them, the instant canopy should be highly portable, fast setup, with no tools required. Their pull-pin patented technology helps in the quick setup process. The frame choice is yours; you can choose the powder-coated steel or high-strength aluminum. The fabric material is 99% UV rays protected and withstands foul weather. Caravan canopy is fire retardant that meets NFPA-701 certification and CPAI-84 that comply with state fire marshal certifications. Like the frame, you can also choose the fabric material available in your choice of a Standard 250 denier polyester or 500 denier “Pro-Series”. 

Well, even though they have such high-quality standards, the end product is not satisfying. 

  1. The fabric and frame material is marketed as commercial grade and they have also met many standard certifications. But somehow the quality of the frame and the material looks so fragile. It makes you think are they really abiding by the laws to create this canopy tent? The fabric can be torn so easily by just poking your nails over it. And the frame is so fragile and it won’t withstand harsh weather for sure.
  2. The cost of this canopy tent for the features it has is too much. You have rivals like ABCCANOPY who can offer a better canopy tent for a lower price.
  3. The customer support is pathetic. They don’t understand your point when you talk. They make you feel like you’re talking to a Robo. Standard answers that don’t satisfy your questions.

This canopy tent is marketed for commercial purposes. When it comes to your profession we believe quality speaks for your brand. This canopy tent is cheap and can spoil your day at an important event. It may even affect your business. We would recommend you to go with the Eurmax commercial canopy tent which is great for all-purpose.

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